Frequently Asked Questions

I do not live in Parker, can I still make an appointment?

YES!!! You do not need to live in Parker, or Douglas County or even Colorado. If you are willing to come to us, we would love to have you.

I need formal wear for my friends party, or an honor society event. Am I able to come get a free dress or tux?

YES!! As long as you are welcome to choose formal wear for any event, not just prom or homecoming.

Do I need any paperwork or proof of eligibility?

To receive FREE products from us, we ask that you show proof you are in school. If you are not in school, we will ask you pay the suggested donation price.

Is there any cost?

NO. Students do not have to pay anything for their first outfit. Any extra stuff after that we do ask you give a small suggested donation marked on each item.

YES. If you are NOT an enrolled student, then we do charge for our lovely gowns, dresses, etc.

If you are unable to pay, please contact us. We do not turn people away.

Please consider paying it forward and bring us any formal wear you no longer want. Please see our Donations page for what we accept.

I am not very comfortable shopping around others. How does this work?

If you want a private appointment please contact us. At this time, all appointments have a max of 5 shoppers. Your friends may register to join you.

Is Parker Secret Closet welcoming to people of different gender identities?

Of course. We are welcoming to everyone regardless of how they identify. Our only goal is to make sure you feel amazing at your event.

May my mom and dad or friends come with me?

YES. However, please limit it to ONE/TWO people joining who won't be shopping. If you have several people we may ask they wait in the lobby. All shoppers should be registered.

How long do I have for my appointment?

A typical appointment is booked for an hour. If you feel like you will need more time please contact us.

What size dresses do you have?

Juniors Size 0-26/xs-xxl

Do you have anyone who can alter dresses or do other repairs?

We do have a few people you can contact for repairs, they may charge a small amount.

I can’t find an appointment that works with my schedule; any recommendations?

Contact us and we will try to fit you in.

I can’t come to the shop. Can my friend or a relative pick out a gown for me?

We prefer that our clients come to choose their own dresses. It's important to see the selection and try stuff on.

I have a dress to donate. Can I bring it to my appointment?

YES!! Please do. We also accept shoes, jewelry, and evening bags.

I am going to two proms or homecoming dances, can I take two dresses?

No, sorry. We want to have a wide selection for everyone so we ask that you only take one dress, one pair of shoes, a handbag, and a set of jewelry.

I have an organization that needs several gowns, what is the best way to set this up?

Parker Secret Closet has been pleased to work with many community organizations to supply gowns for their events. We have provided gowns for the Tim Tebow Night to Shine as well as Dragutante and several other local events and charities. Please contact us so we can discuss the best way to serve you and your organization.

What garments are best to donate to Parker Secret Closet?

If you wouldn’t wear it tomorrow don’t donate it today. We accept new or nearly new formal gowns and accessories in EXCELLENT condition (including purses, jewelry, shawls and wraps) appropriate for high school teens. Find out more details on our Donate page.

I want to help!

There are lots of ways you can help Parker Secret Closet. 

  • Organize a dress donation drive at your school or college, sorority, church, business, neighborhood, social or service club, etc. 

  • Send our information to family, friends and co-workers.

  • Encourage your wedding guests and brides maids to donate their dresses after the wedding.

  • Host a party and ask your guests to all bring gowns and/or accessories to donate. 

  • At your next formal function, put a note on each table reminding the women to donate their gowns afterwards.

  • Add information about Parker Secret Closet in your next community, church or business newsletter.

  • Invite a speaker from Parker Secret Closet to come to your next meeting or event to talk about our organization.

  • Seamstresses can help repair dress donations.

  • Purchase formal gowns, wraps and purses at garage sales, re-sale and consignment shops, discount stores, etc.

  • Purchase rhinestone jewelry, clutches, makeup, and shoes when you see them on clearance 



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